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Courts of Heaven

Many Christians have grown up with the idea that they will only come before God as Judge after they have died. In 2 Cor. 5:10 it says that after we have died ‘we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ,that each one may receive the things done in the body, according to what he has done, whether good or bad’.

In addition, the Bible also shows that God can judge cases during our lives. You can read that for example in Psalm 9:4 where David writes that the Lord has maintained his right and his cause and that He sat on the throne judging in righteousness. In the New Testament Jesus Himself compares prayer with going to a judge in the parable of the unjust judge in Luke 18: 1-8. We probably did not realize it, but we have all stood before God as Judge at the times when we confessed our sins:

“Come now, and let us reason together,” Says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet,
They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool. (Isa 1:18).
(The hebrew word for reason means to have a dispute in a legal setting; it can also mean to render judgement)

In Revelation 12:10 it is written that satan accuses us day and night before God. Why does he accuse us? To block the destiny that God has given to us! That is why the Lord desires to conduct a lawsuit with us. In this lawsuit we can confess our sins and the sins of our ancestors, so that God can acquit us (because of the blood of Jesus). Then God’s blessings can flow freely into our lives.


We offer trainings to learn more about the courts of heaven. They are however only in Dutch. If you are interested, you can visit our training programm on this website for more details.

For dealing with your personal issues and cleansing your generational bloodline (confessing sins of your ancestors) in the courts of heaven, Living In Your Destiny offers a Deliverance Trajectory. This Deliverance Trajectory is a trajectory that takes place in a group and will be in Dutch. We do not offer personal bloodline cleansing prayer. However, everyone who would like to cleanse their bloodline, can download the following document containing a model prayer:

Courtcase for Cleansing Your Generational Bloodlines 2020

The Lord has spoken very clearly to us that He longs for His children to become mature sons and daughters. That is why the focus of our minitry has shifted from praying individually with people for deliverance to teaching people how to pray for their own deliverance and bloodline cleansing in a group setting.



For the Deliverance Trajectory, we use the book Acquittal written by Marie-Thérèse Van (subtitle: Praying for Your Deliverance in the Courts of Heaven). This book is available on and The books of Robert Henderson can be found on If you live in the Netherlands is also an option.

At the end of the Conference on the Courts of Heaven with Robert Henderson in 2018, the GPEC Hub Europe was established in Amsterdam. GPEC stands for Global Prayer and Empowerment Center and is led by Robert Henderson, who is known worldwide for his teaching on the courts of heaven. This hub was established to advance praying in the courts of heaven in Europe, so that God’s Kingdom can break through on all levels in Europe in a greater way.

Dick and Arleen Westerhof will oversee this hub as apostolic leaders of Dominion Centre (including Gods Embassy Amsterdam and the Living In Your Destiny Foundation).
Marie-Therese and Meindert Van are the operational leaders of the hub.

Every year Living In Your Destiny will be giving trainings on praying in the courts of heaven. These trainings are in Dutch only. For more information you can click on the trainings on this website.

GPEC Hub Europe

Kingdom Traning School


The Kingdom Training School was founded in the knowledge that revival often doesn’t lead to lasting change in society. This requires new ways of thinking and new skills. These are fundamentally different from what is currently taught in most Bible schools and training schools.

The purpose of this school is to equip Christians, so that they know what they are called for, what spheres of influence they are called for, and on what level. In addition, we teach our students to know how God created each one of them personally and equipped them specifically to function in their calling. The school also helps students to take steps to (begin to) walk in their destiny. In this way the students will be more equipped to take their place in society as a representative of God’s kingdom.



This goal is realized by:
  • Teaching sessions to close the gaps in knowledge (theological and practical) and to learn the new ways of thinking needed for transformation.
  • Mentors and assignments to help apply the teaching material in a practical way.
  • Personality, gifts and talents tests.
  • Prophetic input.
  • Deployment phase.
Traditionally there is a difference between the evangelical and the traditional ,more liberal movement. The first one is focused on the spiritual (angels, heaven, spiritual warfare, etc.), the second on the natural (character, skills, taking concrete steps). The Kingdom Training School links these two areas so that the spiritual and the natural are connected in a healthy and productive way.


For whom?

  • For anyone who wants to know his/her calling and destiny, who is not satisfied with the status quo and who wants to make a difference in this world.
  • For anyone who has a desire to be part of the movement of the Holy Spirit of transformation of nations and spheres of influence.
  • For everyone who desires to see transformation in the lives of people and society.
KTS is not only meant for people who have a calling for a church, a ministry or mission, but also for the 97% who have a calling in society.