If you would like to register for a course (please note that they are all in Dutch!), you have to change the language of this webiste into Dutch and click on ‘inschrijven’ and ‘inschrijven trainingen’. Then click on the specific course.

For the courses offered by LIYD it is only possible to participate in a complete course and not just 1 day. So when you register, you pay for the complete conference or course.

If for some reason you run into problems or if you have some questions you can reach us during office times by calling 020-8000156.

Partner Discount
The partners of Living in Your Destiny are offered a discount for the courses and conferences. When you are a partner of LIYD you can request a unique partner code. You can use this code only once and it can only be applied to a complete   conference of course. If you haven’t partnered with LIYD yet but you stand behind the vision, you can use this link to join as one.

Registration for Information evening Deliverance Trajectory
We do not charge a fee to participate in this information evening. However if you are planning to attend we do ask to you to register, so we will be able to set up the facility and provide the necessary materials.

Payment via Eventbrite
The payment options for Eventbrite are: Ideal, Credit Card or PayPal.  After your payment has been received you will get an email with your ticket attached. We kindly ask you to bring a printed version along when attending the event. It is also possible to have it send to your smartphone.

We will scan the tickets on site. There is also the option to buy your ticket on site and you will be charged extra in service fees. For more information we kindly refer you to the particular web page.

No direct payments
Since the introduction of Ticketscript it is no longer allowed to make your payments directly to the LIYD bank account. This new payment system keeps the process of payment and registering streamlined. From now on payments made to the LIYD account will be reversed, added with the request to go to the LIYD website and use Ticketscript for the payment of that particular event.

Reimbursement Policy
When you have opted to purchase a cancellation insurance, and when you meet the qualifications you can use this link to request a refund. For more information kindly use the following link to the Ticketscript website.

You can also request a refund thru LIYD, if you did not opt for a cancellation insurance, by using this link.