Prophecy is speaking or acting on God’s behalf. The Bible clearly shows that prophecy is the work of the Holy Spirit in people, and that any spirit filled believer can prophesy. Because our prophecy is limited, words and pictures must be tested. Although new testament prophecy does not hold the same authority as the Bible, it can still hold important revelation from the Holy Spirit for His church in this time.

A prophetice council, or ‘round table’, is a group of people who coming together to share what God is saying to them about cities, provinces and the nation. The purpose of the Netherlands Prophetic Council is to release the sound of the prophetic over the nation by means of a platform to equip, sharpen and encourage prophets from different denominations and traditions. Also, we want help a new generation of prophets rise up.
Why is it so important that the prophets of a nation rise up? Ephesians 4;11-13a talks about the fivefold ministry:
Waarom is het zo belangrijk is dat de profeten in een land opstaan? Efeze 4:11-13a wordt de vijfvoudige bediening genoemd: So Christ himself gave the apostles, the
prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach unity in the faith…

This text shows us that the body of Christ will not reach maturity and unity until men and women start to function in the fivefold ministry, in the way God intended it. In order for these people to be released in ministry, they need to be recognized first – including the prophets.

Prophetic Council


In 2005 God started to wake Arleen Westerhof, founder of the Netherlands Prophetic Council, up at night to speak to her. He said He wanted to ring change to the whole of society (church, family, education, business, politics, media and arts), but that He needs apostles and prophets to stand up in their place of authority and call these changes into being. Every time He spoke, God used a phrase that was unknown to her at the time ‘a prophetic council’. After having prayed about this for over two years, Arleen came in contact with Stacey Campbell and Dr. Sharon Stone, who both lead prophetic councils. They were willing to give their spiritual input and guidance to help raise up a prophetic council for the Netherlands. On October 22nd of 2007, the Netherlands Prophetic Council was born.

The Netherlands Prophetic Council consist of a number of people who have prophetic ministries and are connected to one another.

There are 8 relational values that form the code of conduct for Dutch prophets.
1. Unconditional love. In obedience to the Word, we put the love of Jesus Christ, the Apostle of our faith, into practice towards each other and towards the people we minister to.
2. Openness and honesty. We choose to be vulnerable towards those we are in relationships with and we hold each other accountable.
3. Believing the best about another person and clearing up misunderstandings.
1. ‘Yes’ is yes and ‘No’ is no.
2. Grace and Truth.
3. Character and Anointing. A fruitful ministry is best build with clean vessels.
4. Being generous with everything that was entrusted to us.
5. Stewardship. Stewarding the gifts, vocations, relationships, etc. God gave us.

Relational values


The Netherlands Prophetic Council supports and stimulates:
1. Training – we teach the Schools of the Prophets together with Living in Your Destiny – Part 1, 2 and 3. Together, these Schools are a very thorough training in functioning in the prophetic ministry in a mature way.
2. Coaching for prophetic teams in the Netherlands.
3. Conferences with internationally renowned prophets. We do this in collaboration with the Coalition for Apostolic Reformation (CAR).
4. Seminars and masterclasses.
5. Trainings and meetings around theme’s that have to do with the role of prophecy in bringing and establishing the Kingdom of God in the Netherlands.